I am an elementary school educator, and I embrace critical race theory.

From Chalkbeat: My lessons center on my students’ lives and stories. As a new teacher in Arizona 20 years ago, I found myself in the middle of a campaign against bilingual education. Arizona voters had recently passed Proposition 203 restricting bilingual education and English as a Second Language instruction, as it was called then, following […]

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Coaxing NYC students back to classrooms: wins and struggles at one Bronx high school

When New York City high schools reopen on Monday for the first time in four months, the hallways at Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical High School will not be as crowded as they usually are. But they will be more bustling than many other city high schools. In a typical year, Smith welcomes just […]

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PD School Partners

Five years as a Principal Five years as a Principal of a Middle School of 1000+ students is often regarded with a gasp and a look of utter condolences by many who hear the numbers – number of years, grades and total student population. Challenges and Support from PD school partners However, to hear stories […]


New Teacher Evaluations

The 8 Domain Items You’ll Need to Know for the New Teacher Evaluations by Matt Zagami There is no doubt that the recent advent of “Danielson’s Framework for Effective Teaching” has helped educators focus on best practices in a number of different areas.  Any effective teacher who closely studies the 4 Domains and 22 items […]


How to Motivate Teachers

How to Motivate Teachers Question: How can we motivate veteran teachers who are resistant to change, to make the shifts required by Common Core and the Danielson Framework?  Listen to this post! We asked for your questions, in our last email, and got some great ones! We’re happy to dig into the school-related issues that […]

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