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CSA Backpay Holding up New Contract

Contract talks between the principals union and the city break down over issue of back pay The CSA and the city have hit a roadblock over this (predictable) question: Will Administrators who worked under the expired teacher’s contract get back pay?  Listen to this post! We posted about the new teacher contract here. And we […]


CSA Member Back Pay

CSA Member Back Pay Listen to this post! The new teacher contract leaves us asking a lot of questions. One of the biggest is this: If an educator moved from a UFT contract to a CSA contract after November 2009, ie: if you moved from teaching, on a teacher’s contract, to an administration position, on […]


PreK Teachers Needed

8000 PREK TEACHERS NEEDED  Mayor De Blasio says there are up to 8,000 prek teachers needed in the coming few years to fully implement his pre-k plan.  Listen to this post! CITE’s Masters in Literacy will certify you as an early childhood Literacy specialist (not a classroom teacher), BUT if you have initial certification in […]