New CDC guidance: Vaccinate teachers, but don’t wait to open schools

“Highly anticipated new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says schools don’t need to wait for staff to be vaccinated to reopen. Students should return full-time where spread is low or moderate, and with regular testing, the CDC says schools can open for some in-person instruction even when community spread is high. Masks and […]

By John Russo | Blog

8 Things Teachers Should do Before the End of Summer

August?? It’s August?? Oh, man. Where does the time go! Before you hit Staples for the back-to-School sale, please do yourself a favor. Check out our new list: Listen to this post! 8 things teachers should do before the end of the summer. 1. Read something the kids are reading (but NOT that you’re teaching) […]


Test Taking Tips for the Literacy CST

12 Test Taking Tips for the Literacy CST  Before taking your test be sure to eat foods that will aid in your success.  Foods such as milk, nuts, seeds, rice and oats help your study efforts by releasing natural study enhancers called CCKs (cholesystokinin).  All of these chemicals enhance the neurotransmitters associated with memory. Read […]