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Common Core Gallup Poll Results

COMMON CORE GALLUP POLL SHOWS MORE AWARENESS, MORE INACCURACY PDK Gallop poll confirms that CCSS knowledge is a roiling battle for control of the narrative. While more people know about the Standards, and have formed strong opinions about them, the actual knowledge they have varies widely, with most people getting their information from TV, Radio, or […]


Common Core is a Set of Curricula

REPEAT AFTER ME by Jared Gellert Both South Carolina and Oklahoma just announced that they are withdrawing from the common core standards. Repeat after me, the common core is a set of curricula.   Neither state said anything about high stakes testing.  South Carolina won’t administer the tests developed to align with the common core, […]


Letter From a Principal about Testing

A letter from a Principal about Testing (on Teacher Appreciation Day) This letter about testing was sent from a Principal in NYC to the staff in the school. We’ve reprinted the letter in its entirety. Listen to this post! Dear Colleagues, We are full swing into testing season. We have managed to survive the NYS […]


NYC Principal Addresses Testing

NYC Principal Addresses Testing: Liz Phillips, Principal at PS 321, addresses testing.  Sign up for our Weekly Email  For Email Marketing you can trust Share this!


Common Core Debate Video

Common Core Debate Video There’s a very nice, evenhanded discussion of some of the big issues in educational policy at blogging heads TV.  Here’s the link Our two panelists like the common core as an approach to curriculum.  They particularly like the rigor of the common core.  However, there are many questions about the […]


Department of Education Changes

NYC Department of Education Changes Chancellor Fariña and Mayor De Blasio have provided a sharp contrast in tone from the previous administration. Now we are starting to see policy changes take root. We will follow these changes as they happen, so be sure to sign up for our once-a-week email and stay in the loop. As […]

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PreK Teachers Needed

8000 PREK TEACHERS NEEDED  Mayor De Blasio says there are up to 8,000 prek teachers needed in the coming few years to fully implement his pre-k plan.  Listen to this post! CITE’s Masters in Literacy will certify you as an early childhood Literacy specialist (not a classroom teacher), BUT if you have initial certification in […]


What can we learn from the PISA Results

PISA Results and the Lessons We can Learn As we compare US Students to the rest of the world’s learners, we have a set of metrics we can use to see how different educational systems measure up against each other. This is the PISA. The idea is to test what 15 year olds know, and […]



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