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Top 6 Skills Everyone in School Administration Needs

School leaders get in on this… “Top 6 Skills Everyone in School Administration Needs” 1.a Time management  A huge aspect of organization is time management. If a school administrator struggles with either of those, they will have a very difficult time handling their job to the best of their ability.  1.b Multitasking  There are various […]

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4 Tips for Principals From a Parent Who Knows the Job

4 Tips for Principals From a Parent Who Knows the Job 1. Be visible: As a parent, I want to see my principal there on campus. I get it—you can’t always be there. You have district meetings, professional development, and things that take you off-site often. 2. Don’t just be visible, be good with kids: […]

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Job Postings – Week of 3-2-2022

At CITE, we strive to provide tools and resources to our community, not only while you are students, but as you go into the professional world. Below is a list of job postings from our network. If you feel you are a good candidate, please contact the organization directly through the info below. If you […]

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School Leader Crisis: Overwhelmed by Mounting Mental Health Issues and Public Distrust, a ‘Mass Exodus’ of Principals Could be Coming

From The74Million: School Leader Crisis: Overwhelmed by Mounting Mental Health Issues and Public Distrust, a ‘Mass Exodus’ of Principals Could be Coming As Derek Forbes began his third pandemic school year as a high school principal in Washington state, he was facing an uptick in disruptive behavior — kids talking back to teachers, getting into […]

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Job Posting – PS/MS 4, (3K – 8) – Assistant Principal

HIRING NIOW! PS/MS 4, (3K – 8 School) is currently looking for an Assistant Principal to support grades 3K – 5! The candidate should possess and demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills, management skills, and a strong work ethic. Furthermore, the candidate should have knowledge of best practices to enhancing teacher pedagogy coupled with […]

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Want big advances from students and schools? Invest in principals, says new research

School principals, who rank second only to teachers in influencing how well students learn in school, matter even more than previously believed, according to major new research. In fact, replacing a below-average principal with an above-average one will result in an additional three months of learning in math and reading annually for the average student, […]


Alumni Success Story – Meredith Broxmeyer

Alumni Success Story – Meredith Broxmeyer, Assistant Principal, PS 191Q   We caught up with Meredith Broxmeyer, the new Assistant Principal at PS 191Q and a graduate of the Administration Program run in partnership with CITE and The College of St. Rose. Meredith graduated from Cohort 9 in our administration program. Like other admin program […]


Alumni Success Story – Deana Rinaldi

10-29-13 ALUMNI SUCCESS STORY – Educational Administration Program Deana Rinaldi – Assistant Principal at PS 56, in Richmond Hill Student January 2011- May 2012 – Administration Program The College of St. Rose in partnership with CITE We recently got a chance to speak with Deane Rinaldi, a College of St. Rose/CITE grad, and the current […]

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