Want big advances from students and schools? Invest in principals, says new research

School principals, who rank second only to teachers in influencing how well students learn in school, matter even more than previously believed, according to major new research. In fact, replacing a below-average principal with an above-average one will result in an additional three months of learning in math and reading annually for the average student, […]


Alumni Profile – Bret Kearney

CONGRATULATIONS on your new job, to St. Rose SBL alumnus Bret Kearney. We had a chance to get Bret’s thoughts on the SBL experience, and how it prepares our students for the real world.  Bret Kearney – Assistant Principal Lindenhurst High School When did you start and complete the St. Rose/ CITE program? Which program […]

By John Russo | Administration . Alumni

8 Things Teachers Should do Before the End of Summer

August?? It’s August?? Oh, man. Where does the time go! Before you hit Staples for the back-to-School sale, please do yourself a favor. Check out our new list: Listen to this post! 8 things teachers should do before the end of the summer. 1. Read something the kids are reading (but NOT that you’re teaching) […]


Interview Amy DiMeola

We interview Amy DiMeola, the new Math/Science chairperson of North Shore Middle School! Amy is also a College of St. Rose Administration student, through CITE, finishing her internship. Listen to this interview online now, by clicking here, or download it from iTunes here. She’s done her SBL and SDL through the College of St. Rose, in […]


Teacher Evaluation that makes sense

Teacher Evaluation that makes sense by Jared Gellert Great teachers make a difference.  Lousy teachers also make a difference.  The better the teacher body, the better for the kids.  These are obvious points.  But how to determine who is good and who is lousy and should no longer be a teacher is a serious point […]


Teacher Evaluation Proposal

Teacher Evaluation Proposal Principals in NYC have to evaluate each teacher according to one of two options: once formally and three times informally OR six times informally Listen to this post! PRINCIPALS Let’s say I’m a Principal in Brooklyn with a k-5 school. Let’s say I have 1300 students. Let’s say I have 80 teachers. […]


How to Motivate Teachers

How to Motivate Teachers Question: How can we motivate veteran teachers who are resistant to change, to make the shifts required by Common Core and the Danielson Framework?  Listen to this post! We asked for your questions, in our last email, and got some great ones! We’re happy to dig into the school-related issues that […]

By John Russo | Administration

Student Perspective Hussain Abdullah

  Student Perspective – Hussain Abdullah  Hussain is a member of the Administration Program, given in partnership with CITE and the College of St. Rose.  Hi, my name is Hussain “Mr. H” Abdullah. I am a third year Mathematics Specialist at P.S.971, an elementary school in Brooklyn, NY. Before officially having the opportunity to lead […]



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