$50 For Referring a Friend!

Alumni and Student Referal

Refer a friend and get $50

If you’re a CITE student, OR a CITE GRAD,
here’s your chance to get a quick and easy $50.

This is for all current and former CITE students.

You get: $50 VISA gift card, as a thank-you, for referring a friend who enrolls with us.
(That’s someone who applies, is accepted, and starts a program with us.)


It’s that simple! When they call, have them give
1. YOUR NAME 2. The secret code “SOCIAL”

If they sign up, we’ll send you a $50 gift card (works like cash).
Easy! Tell a friend. They enroll. You get $50.

*** Use this as many times as you’d like! Share this on Facebook, and be sure your friends know to give us your name, so you get credit! If you tell teachers at school about CITE, be sure they give your name when they call.




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