As an example of our Professional Development team in action, the aptly titled, “The Quality Review Through the Reviewer’s Eyes” guides schools through a number of Quality Review documents to assist with preparation, such as General Reminders, The QR Rubric, The Classroom Visitation Tool, Sample Questions reviewers can pose during classroom visits and meetings with Teacher Teams.

Join us on 1/16/2020 for a free workshop on the Quality Review. RSVP here

Teachers used a portion of the workshop session to prepare lessons for the upcoming school year, as well as worked together in small groups by grade level to design lessons in ELA. Teachers then used ‘crosswalk’ vocabulary and concepts for additional planning for the future.

“Presenter was knowledgeable and engaging. I found this session to be quite helpful as I prepare for our upcoming Quality Review.”

“This workshop was quite informative. At least I now have an idea of what the reviewer looks for.”

– Staff feedback, 001K

Join us on 1/16/2020 for a free workshop on the Quality Review. RSVP here

The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Matt Zagami. Mr. Zagami is a former NYC & Long Island teacher/administrator with over 35 years of building experience at the elementary, middle school, and high schools levels. Matt has been with CITE for the past 10 years; offering both professional and parent workshops on a variety of topics.

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CITE Professional Development facilitators are experienced educators who can help your staff adapt to whatever changes might come through the Department of Education, whether it’s new standards or educational emphases. We have experts in Next Generation Learning Standards, Advanced Literacy, Social Emotional Learning, and College Access for All.

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Whatever your school’s needs, our team will help you translate your vision into action with our fully customized PD.

CITE is the Center for Integrated Training and Education. For over 25 years, CITE has and continues to train TEACHERS (Special Ed,Grad CoursesBilingual courses, TESOL courses, DASA); COUNSELORS (SchoolMental Health MastersAdvanced Certificate); and ADMINISTRATORS (SBLSDLPublic AdminDoctorate) in all five boroughs of NYC, Yonkers, Westchester, and Long Island.

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