Popular Topics in Professional Development for Schools

Popular Topics in Professional Development for Schools

The Center for Integrated Training and Education is proud to offer CTLE-approved professional development for schools as well as parent workshops designed to address various educational issues. We can also create specific workshops to meet the needs of your particular school. Our goal is to serve as an extension of the Principal’s vision. So, we are not coming in with a pre-packaged list of workshops. We tailed everything we do to fit your vision and needs. Last year, CITE led professional development for schools at over 250 sites. 

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Here are some popular topics in CTLE-approved professional development for schools: 

DANIELSON: Let CITE facilitators create a customized professional development program designed to meet the individual needs of your teachers specific to the Framework.  Workshops and in-class support will explore each of Danielson’s four domains, including such topics as: setting instructional goals; creating a nurturing educational environment; classroom management; effective questioning techniques; meeting the needs of English Language Learners; and students with disabilities.

QUALITY REVIEW:  CITE consultants are well prepared to assist you in the preparation of your Quality Review.  As experienced reviewers, our consultants can provide concrete suggestions specific to each one of the indicators.  Services such as preliminary “mock” building reviews and workshops are available for administrators and teachers.  Administrators and teachers will finish the workshop empowered with the information they need to know in order to effectively interact with reviewers.

STUDENT LED CONFERENCES: Taking ownership of learning is key to student success, resulting in parent/teacher conferences rapidly coming to an end. Let our facilitators train your staff in the implementation of student-led conferences. It’s time for the students to run the conferences, informing their parents about how they’re doing, what their goals are going forward, and what kind of learners they are. Equip your staff to get the most out of these valuable learning experiences. For more on

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DIRECT INSTRUCTION/GRADUAL RELEASE: The gradual release of responsibility or “Direct Instruction,” model of instruction stipulates that the teacher moves from assuming all of the responsibility for performing a task, to a situation in which the students assume all of the responsibility. CITE facilitators are particularly skilled in this area and are available to provide workshops or in-class support as needed.

SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: One can say that the learning process is successful when the learner can actually apply acquired knowledge, internalize attitudes, and manage emotions that result in achieving desired goals, while maintaining positive relationships and making responsible decisions.  Let our trained facilitators work with your teachers in sensitizing them to the aspects of social and emotional learning.

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Our talented and knowledgable coordinators can help design a Professional Development Program that meets your needs.

Carl Sanfilippo: 516-817-8435 • Carl@citeprograms.com
Joe Maiello: 917-843-9221• JoeM@citeprograms.com
Matt Zagami: 516-426-2786 • Matt@citeprograms.com 

Here are some popular topics in parent workshops: 

Workshops and materials can be provided in English, Spanish, and Mandarin/Cantonese if required.

“Understanding Your Child’s Report Card”:  This workshop is designed to explain the report card grading system and assist parents in interpreting the various report card elements/sections.

“Dealing with Video Game and Internet Screen Addiction”:  Children today no longer rely on personal, face-to-face interaction.  The internet has become the communication vehicle of the younger generation.  This session will assist parents in identifying the symptoms of video game and internet screen addiction.  Parents will be offered strategies to deal with the issue.

“ESL Workshops for Parents”: Why not offer a series of ESL classes for parents in need?  Our consultants are trained in second language acquisition. On-going ESL classes can be arranged in order to assist adults with their language needs.

“Raising Self-Reliant Children”:  Workshop discussion will focus on what parents can do to help children become more self-reliant and independent as they become older.  Concepts such as “responsibility” and “accountability” will be discussed.

“Bully Prevention:  Dealing With Bullying”:  Bully prevention is one of the “hot topics” of our time.  During this presentation, the term “bully” and “bullying” will be defined in terms of characteristics and conduct.   Parents will be afforded specific suggestions as to how to deal with the problem should their child be the bully or the victim.

“Cyber Bully Prevention:  Dealing With Cyber Bullying”: Cyber bullying has become the latest, most troubling form of harassment.  This presentation will define cyber bullying, identify its elements and provide  practical suggestions as to what parents and schools can do to address the problem.

“The Student Referral Process and Understanding the IEP”:  Parents will be provided with an overview of the student referral process.  Parents will be taken through the process leading up to referral, the actual process, placement, and CSE review.  The concepts of parental consent and classification will be considered during the session.  The purpose and parts of the IEP will also be discussed with parents; addressing specific questions as they arise.

“Completing The Learning Environment Survey”:  Given the nature of school review, the Learning Environment survey is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of a school.  This workshop will give parents an overview of the Learning Environment survey, (i.e. its purpose and impact).  A sample questionnaire will be provided and reviewed.   

Additionally, we can provide the following workshops to help parents: 

Job Hunting Workshops: “Resume Writing”, “The Interview Process”, “Effective Job Hunting Strategies”

College Workshops: “The FAFSA Form”, “Scholarship Opportunities”, “Financial Aide”, “HS Graduation Requirements”

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Technology Workshops: “Basic Computer Skills”, “Dealing With Social Media”  (A Computer Lab is Required)

Health Related Workshops: “Nutrition & Fitness for Teens & Adults”, “Health(y) Care, Lifestyles, Living”

Human Relations Workshops: “Improving Child Relations”, “Developing Self-Esteem”, “Time Management Strategies”

Our talented and knowledgable coordinators can help design a Professional Development Program that meets your needs.

Carl Sanfilippo: 516-817-8435 • Carl@citeprograms.com 
Joe Maiello: 917-843-9221• JoeM@citeprograms.com
Matt Zagami: 516-426-2786 • Matt@citeprograms.com


CITE is the Center for Integrated Training and Education. For over 25 years, CITE has and continues to train TEACHERS (Early ChildhoodProfessional CertificationSpecial Ed,Grad CoursesBilingual coursesDASA); COUNSELORS (SchoolMental Health MastersAdvanced Certificate); and ADMINISTRATORS (SBLSDLPublic AdminDoctorate) in all five boroughs of NYC, Yonkers, Westchester, and Long Island.

CITE PD offers CTLE-approved in-school professional development tailored to your school’s needs and your vision. Info: citepd.com

We now also offer an undergraduate degree completion program in psychology.