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Community-Based Pre K Teachers – Possible Pay Raise


Last month, the city announced an agreement with District Council 1707, Local 205 that would steadily increase salaries for 315 pre-K teachers in (non-DOE) community-based pre-k centers, over the next several years, eventually matching what starting teachers in public schools make. In some case, these means an additional $20,000 in some teachers’ pockets. This means that teachers in pre-k centers now have an opportunity. If they earn a Master’s in Early Childhood and NYS certification, they could see a big pay raise.

Earn Your Masters

The reason is both simple and complex: teachers who work in community-based pre-k classrooms aren’t considered public employees, with their salaries mostly dependent on public dollars that flow through city contracts with pre-K providers. And, these teachers don’t have to be state certified.

“No longer will we ever tolerate a system that treats workers like second class citizens in the city of New York. I don’t care if you’re a teacher or you work in a cafeteria,” said Henry Garrido, the executive director of District Council 37, which recently merged with DC 1707.

Under the new agreement, these community-based pre-k teachers could choose to get certified and start earning at the same wage as city teachers, by earning a Master’s in Early Childhood and NYS certification. The opportunity for a level salary playing field is significant.

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