Event: NYC is promising to revamp how students learn to read. What will it take?

This fall, changes are coming to New York City classrooms. Education department officials say they will require all elementary schools to adopt a phonics-based reading program — a potentially seismic shift in how tens of thousands of public school students are taught to read. Before the coronavirus hit, less than half of the city’s students […]

NYC special education recovery services program to be scaled back this fall

In response to pandemic disruptions, New York City officials required every school to offer special education services last year outside regular hours to any family who wanted them. But that won’t be the case this coming school year, education officials said. Instead, the education department is vowing to determine what extra instruction or therapies children […]

As fewer kids enroll, big cities face a small schools crisis

On a recent morning inside Chalmers School of Excellence on Chicago’s West Side, five preschool and kindergarten students finished up drawings. Four staffers, including a teacher and a tutor, chatted with them about colors and shapes. The summer program offers the kind of one-on-one support parents love. But behind the scenes, Principal Romian Crockett worries […]

Judge upholds pause on hundreds of millions in NYC school budget cuts

Judge upholds pause on hundreds of millions in NYC school budget cuts Budget cuts to New York City schools are on hold at least until an Aug. 4 court hearing, a Manhattan judge ruled Wednesday, despite strenuous objections from city lawyers who argued that pausing the cuts would disrupt planning for next school year. Judge […]

The teacher shortage is not a local issue, it’s a crisis!

‘Crisis that’s turned into catastrophe’: Fort Worth schools grapple with teacher shortage Shaquila Anderson has known she wanted to be a teacher since she was a child in suburban Tulsa. Anderson’s fourth-grade teacher was an important mentor in her life, she said. She showed Anderson how to work for things she wanted, and told her […]

With Banks and Adams, NYC school integration advocates see an uphill fight

At a town hall meeting in southeast Queens this spring, a parent leader asked David Banks, the newly minted schools chancellor: Will you fight to integrate our segregated schools? “I think diversity, when it’s done well, provides a level of enrichment for education that you cannot beat,” Banks responded.  “But I also think that it […]