Can a TESOL certificate help you?

Can a TESOL certificate help you?

There are many ways for teachers to increase their competitiveness in the marketplace, but TESOL certification is one of the highest needs right now. NYC is facing a shortage of qualified teachers who can teach students classified as ENL (formerly ELL, or ESL). TESOL certification means you’re what schools are looking for.

Dr. Seongshin Kim leads our partner program with Concordia College — the same affordable, practical, convenient format you’ve come to expect from CITE: weekend classes in Brooklyn, at $475 pre credit, leading you to the fastest, most convenient, affordable program in NYC. Below, Dr. Kim explains the  TESOL program and gives a bit of background to how it works and what it provides.

Upon graduation, students will be recommended for the NYS TESOL certificate that will make them eligible to teach ESL/ ENL from Pre-K through 12th grade. (Students will still need to pass all state requirements if they are not yet a teacher.) This will qualify you for professional teacher certification.

TESOL is great in that not only can you teach in the New York State where TESOL teachers are in high demand, but all over the world as so many countries want to hire English native speakers with a TESOL degree/certificate. If you’ve dreamed of teaching English abroad as a way to see part of the world, here’s your chance!

This is perfect for a teacher with an initial teaching certificate who needs to obtain a Master’s degree to get their permanent certificate. In this program, you’d receive your MS degree, as well as a TESOL certificate, making you more marketable, and qualifying you for professional certification.

The program takes about a year to complete, with classes meeting on Saturdays in Brooklyn and one class taking place on the Concordia College, Bronxville campus over the summer.

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