CITE’s Professional Development / Parent Workshops help schools build community as well as teach the skills that are necessary for school staff and parents to succeed.

Basic Computer Skills Workshop” is one such program aiming to support parents who may not be as tech savvy as their children. As schools use technology more and more to communicate — whether through emails, websites, or social media — parents need a basic fluency in these areas. Schools who are home to large populations of recent immigrants may find that there is an even steeper learning curve. How can we help everyone communicate effectively? And further, how can we encourage parents to take the next step on their own educational journey? That is the goal of this workshop.

This four week course walks parents through a variety of aspects of computing: from basic email (with a focus on Gmail), to different internet browsers and their functionality, G Suite apps (Docs, Sheets and Slides) and lastly, to how to use the internet to continue personal education. The class is primarily for beginners, but all skill levels have something to learn. In addition to using the school website, navigating school social media, and finding how to use various school resources, we encourage parents to branch out and use specific tools on the internet to learn for themselves.

Parents and even teachers at the schools felt that they learned a lot regarding their own ability to use Gmail’s features to their advantage — and how online courses could help them in their own professional development.

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