Author: John Russo

NYC Teacher Contract Talks

NYC Teacher Contract Talks The NY Times is saying that Mayor De Blasio’s trying to work out a deal with the UFT. The NYC Teachers Contract Talks will take on the expired contract. The teachers have been working without a contract since talks broke down between the Union and Mayor Bloomberg in 2009. Bloomberg left 151 […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

How to Choose a School

How to Chose a School – 5 Quick Tips How to choose a school? It’s a vexing (and anxiety-producing) question! Today, applications are due to your child’s current elementary school if you’re applying to new middle schools opening in September 2014. If you’re applying to new middle schools opening in September 2014, applications are due […]

By John Russo | Best Practices

How to Motivate Teachers

How to Motivate Teachers Question: How can we motivate veteran teachers who are resistant to change, to make the shifts required by Common Core and the Danielson Framework?  Listen to this post! We asked for your questions, in our last email, and got some great ones! We’re happy to dig into the school-related issues that […]

By John Russo | Administration

Redesigned SAT

Redesigned SAT   College board President David Coleman announced a redesigned SAT this week. Most notably, it’s going back to 1600 points, and the essay is optional. Not only that, but in this video, released by the College Board, they give you the essay question. (It’s below) The video is one hour long, and aside form […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Embracing the Common Core?

EMBRACING THE COMMON CORE (vs. WAFFLING) I want to talk about the cost of waffling, rather than either rejecting or embracing the common core standards and the assessments based on them.  Listen to this post! California, according to  Charles Taylor Kerchner, a professor at Claremont Graduate College, is embracing the common core and its assessments.  They […]

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DASA Workshop

DASA WORKSHOP CITE is now authorized to run a DASA workshop through the College of St. Rose. Right now we have dates for Brooklyn workshops and Oceanside workshops. What is the DASA?  The Dignity for All Students Act New York State’s Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act, “DASA”) seeks to provide the State’s […]

By John Russo | Professional Development

Charter School Fight

The Charter School Fight As he promised in his campaign, Mayor De Blasio has taken on the Charter Schools, in particular on the issue of co-locations. You can see our article here about co-locations (click). Listen to this post! Now the Charter School Fight is threatening to overshadow the Mayor’s trip to Albany (which is, […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

NYC DOE Co Location Plan

NYC DOE Co-location plan Co-locations are the term for NYC school buildings that house both NYC Public schools and charter schools. Co-locations have been a flashpoint recently, with community groups on both sides rallying their supporters and trying to get their point of view heard. Among the issues: tax funding for these private charters, resources […]

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