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CSA Contract Goes To Mediation

The CSA is reporting that the CSA contract negotiation is going to mediation. How did this happen? As the CSA Contract goes to mediation, the CSA credits their Letter Writing Campaign which asked members to write to the Mayor, telling him why they need a contract now. What’s the sticking point? This is from the CSA […]


Backpay Problem

As you probably know, there are questions about the UFT-negotiated contract. There’s a backpay problem, or, better yet, there are several. Administrators: If you became an administrator since 2009, are you going to get the backpay you’re entitled to? This may depend on the CSA contract negotiation. Teachers: If you retire before 2020, will you […]


Staten Island SBL Cohort Starts!

CITE and the College of St. Rose are happy to offer our Staten Island SBL program! This past week, we started a cohort, and we look forward to starting another next fall! This is a group of 15 future leaders in the NYC DOE!   If you are interested in the Staten Island SBL program, please […]


NYC DOE to Track Guidance Counselors

Beth Fertig, for WNYC, broke this story about the city’s plans to track what guidance counselors are doing throughout the day. The city council heard testimony about a new bill that would require the Department of Education to provide data every year about what the guidance counselors are doing, and whom they serve. The bill requires […]

By John Russo | Administration . Counseling . Guidance

New Teacher Evaluations

The 8 Domain Items You’ll Need to Know for the New Teacher Evaluations by Matt Zagami There is no doubt that the recent advent of “Danielson’s Framework for Effective Teaching” has helped educators focus on best practices in a number of different areas.  Any effective teacher who closely studies the 4 Domains and 22 items […]


Career Focused Test Swap

Today the NY State Board of Regents approved a plan that would allow students to take a test focused on job-skills in lieu of a Social Studies Regents Exam.  Instead of having to pass a math, a science, and two social studies tests, students can opt to take a test in a subject like accounting, […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Teach Pre K

Cohort 1 Begins! Our first cohort for our Early Childhood Education Masters Program with Concordia College started this past weekend! Congratulations to the accepted students. We look forward to keeping updated on their progress. Cohort 2 Coming Up! If you want to teach pre k, you can get your Early Childhood Education Masters starting in February, […]

By John Russo | Early Childhood

Capacity Framework

The Chancellor’s Vision  Listen to this post! Chancellor Farina has outlined her vision in a series of best-practices traits for schools, called the Capacity Framework. The DOE states: “The Capacity Framework encourages parents, educators, school communities, and external stakeholders to work together to improve student achievement. This collaborative focus will ensure that every child is […]



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