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Test Prep hanging on

Test Prep Hanging on The NY Times today has an article about Test Prep enduring – despite calls (and legislation!) to end the practice.  Listen to this post On Dec. 30, the day she was announced as New York City’s schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña denounced an overemphasis on test preparation as the dark underbelly of the previous […]


4 Business Lessons for School Reformers

4 BUSINESS LESSONS FOR SCHOOL REFORMERS There are four lessons that corporate education reformers should have learned, but seemingly haven’t. Listen to this post! 1. LISTEN TO THE EVIDENCE   Business is all about listening to feedback and evaluating evidence.  For instance, if I am an oil and gas drilling company exploring a new area […]


Department of Education Changes

NYC Department of Education Changes Chancellor Fariña and Mayor De Blasio have provided a sharp contrast in tone from the previous administration. Now we are starting to see policy changes take root. We will follow these changes as they happen, so be sure to sign up for our once-a-week email and stay in the loop. As […]

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Teacher Evaluation that makes sense

Teacher Evaluation that makes sense by Jared Gellert Great teachers make a difference.  Lousy teachers also make a difference.  The better the teacher body, the better for the kids.  These are obvious points.  But how to determine who is good and who is lousy and should no longer be a teacher is a serious point […]


The purpose of school

What’s the purpose of school?  What matters and how we get there, by Jared Gellert Listen to this post! What do we want and how do we know we’re moving towards it?  That’s the discussion we should be having schools. The education reformers want education to be more like business.  So I thought we’d look at […]

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Suffolk Administration Certification Instructor DeLuca

Dr. Deborah De Luca teaches in our Administration Certification program with the college of St. Rose, and is the Assistant Superintendent for the Rocky Point School District.  Dr. Deborah De Luca has taught for CITE, and The College of St. Rose, for more than 6 years.  She teaches EDA 505 ~ Introduction to Education Leadership and […]


Online PhD EdD Open House

Concordia University Online PhD / EdD Open House Info CITE and Concordia University held an open house, and we are making the presentation available below. If you would like to attend a doctoral Open House, please email or or call 877-922-2483       Click below to stream or download the audio [button link=”” […]


Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Early Childhood Education The National Association for the Education of Young Children Celebrates Week of the Young Child, April 6-12, 2014 The phrase “high quality early education” has been trending in the media in recent months and has become a rallying cry in many political circles. But how do we define “high […]



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