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What We’re Thankful For

11-26-13 What We’re Thankful for — This time of year, it’s humbling to look around and realize just how lucky we are! CITE has been working to train and certify teachers, administrators, and counselors since 1983. And in that time, your successes —  your graduations, your certifications, your masters degrees, your doctorates, your advanced certificates, […]

By John Russo | Professional Development

JFK and Education

JFK and Education “Liberty without learning is always in peril; learning without liberty is always in vain.” This week, we remember President John F. Kennedy’s contributions to the country. In terms of JFK and Education policy, the President focused on: federal aid to schools, desegregation, special education, and urban renewal.   Teachers can access lesson […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

5 Classroom Management Tips

5 Classroom Management Tips The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming! And Classroom Management gets more challenging — Restless students, the end of a marking period, the chill in the air… the rush of the coming school breaks! It’s enough to make any class of students (and any teacher) fidget, or chatter, or test […]


No Gifted Child Left Behind

11-19-13 No Gifted Child Left Behind? Differentiated learning in the age of testing. by Jared Gellert I talked with my next door neighbor about how her third grade son is doing at school.  He hates it, she said.  He’s bored, it’s way too easy and as much as he loves his friends, he complains about […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

Common Core Video

11-16-13 COMMON CORE DEBATE This Common Core Video has been making the rounds on the internet today — a well-spoken, impassioned young man laying out his case against the common core. As a balance, here is a discussion from the University of Chicago, entitled “What is the common core, and does it represent a federal […]

By John Russo | Educational Policy

School Report Cards, DeBlasio, Bloomberg, Common Core and more

11-14-13 School Report Cards, DeBlasio, Bloomberg, Common Core, and more. Head into the weekend with all of the news. Grad School Fair, School Report cards, Common Core Protests, Student Privacy Lawsuit, New Preschool Bill, DeBlasio’s School Reform Challenge, the AFT Conference, Typhoon help, Twitter Chats, and several nerdy asides (physics!) – It’s quite a Thursday! […]


School Turnaround

11-13-13 School Turnaround by Jared Gellert Edweek had a fascinating piece on the turnaround effort of the 17 lowest performing schools in the LA school district. (-Marshall Tuck and Coleen Oliver) The authors highlight 4 core strategies that they “believe are the foundation for any school turnaround.”  These 4 strategies are:  Leadership, Effective teaching, […]


Online PhD in Educational Leadership: Presentation

  Online Doctorate Open House: EdD / PhD in Educational Leadership, K-12 Thanks to all who came to our open houses in Brooklyn and Oceanside! If you could not make it, you can download a pdf of the presentation by clicking here:  [button link=””]Online PhD in Educational Leadership – CITE and CUC – Open House[/button] […]



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